Pool In The Park

The Pool in the Park Committee

2017 to present – From the Playground to the Pool… Onward! While the playground was being built, another local committee was hard at work, fundraising to repair or replace the aging swimming pool in the same park. Angie Hopwood, a local elementary teacher and Chair of “Pool in the Park” Committee, suggested partnering with MCCF as the non-profit fiscal sponsor of the project. The project is a good fit for MCCF, and Angie continues to support the campaign even though she has since stepped down as Chair of the Pool in the Park Committee. This project requires a much higher financial goal, and the time-frame will be several years from start to finish. MCCF has committed seed money to the project, and will continue to support the fundraising goals of Pool in the Park.

The Pool in the Park Committee was formed in response to the closure of our beloved municipal pool. The outdoor pool was built in 1960 and opened in 1961.The pool was in continual summer use for close to 60 years! Countless kids learned to swim in the mighty pool that could. Not only did the pool keep children and adults cool and entertained, it provided exercise, treatment and relaxation to all.

The next chapter brings us to the junction where conception becomes reality. We are embarking on the "active" phase of the project. We will be fundraising at the local level and seeking grants, both big and small, from local, state, and federal agencies. Additionally, we are applying to numerous private foundations that support our mission and pool project.

The concept drawings are done! Now it's time to put our boots on the ground. The Pool in the Park Committee welcomes all volunteers. If you would like to be involved, we'd love to have you onboard, in whatever capacity you choose.

The Architecture

The architect renderings are used to show location and design but may not be the exact rendering chosen for the build.

We have four options for construction. Depending on funding, the versions range from a scaled down pool and locker rooms to a fully covered pool that includes locker rooms, conference facilities, daycare areas and more. Community and Town Council input as well as funding level will determine the pool construction.

Why a Swimming Pool?

  • It's Fun

  • Teaches Water Safety

  • Provides low-cost swimming lessons

  • Is a safe place for families and friends

  • Help prevent drownings in nearby rivers and creeks

  • Plays a healing role through water therapy

  • Promotes health through daily water aerobics

  • Opportunities for swim teams and swim meets

  • Space for birthday parties and other celebrations

  • Ability to host small and medium-sized conferences

  • Economic growth

  • Employs all ages and earns revenue

  • Possibility for year-round use with covered pool

Making it Happen

The Pool in the Park Committee, working through the Mineral County Community Foundation is:

Continuing Local Fundraising - Writing Grants - Asking for Private Donations


Looking toward the future with targeted media campaigns and increased community involvement.

The Superior Town Council has committed capital improvement funds to Pool in the Park and will be an integral partner as we move through this campaign. Furthermore, we will be meeting with interested community partners, including schools, the hospital, private healthcare providers, physical therapists, child and family organizations, and more, in order to build the strong community-based foundation needed for large grant awards. We are also intent on strengthening community bonds so that the pool becomes a trusted and safe place for all of Mineral County.